Music & Me

So do Christians play secular songs? Do Christians play rock? Should Christians play in smoke-filled, alcohol-selling pubs? Well, yes, they do and should. In fact, I think it’s a great place for Christians to get to know people, and for people to get to know Christians. After all, while we are "not part of the world", we are certainly in it.

I’ve played enough music to know that it’s not all about the music. If you’re a musician, you’ll know that its really about people. Music is just a tool. A powerful one, no doubt, but still a tool. It’s like fire – if you let it control you, you’ll burn.

I first and foremost consider myself a bassist both in terms of personality (!), and actual musical competency. It’s something I picked up because no one else wanted to play it. I’m glad I did. It’s taught me a lot of things. (see here)

My first love is and always will be the acoustic guitar. It’s the first instrument I think of when I want to express myself. I suppose you could say that although a bassist is is who I am, the acoustic guitar lets me be me when I need to be me.

Among other things, I also play a bit of electric guitar. And keyboards when I need to figure something out. Leading worship has been something that I do. But that needs some work. Don’t worry, I’ve bought a singing book.

See what tools I use here.

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