My Gear


"No good workman without good tools."
–  Dr. Thomas Fuller

Lakland 55-02 w/ LH-3 electronics | Tobacco Sunburst
Yamaha TRB1005F | Natural
Washburn AB-20 | Sunburst
2005 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass w/ S-1 switch | 3-Colour Sunburst (For Sale)
Fender Stu Hamm Urge | Purple (For Sale)

Lakewood M32 | Natural
1997 Fender Strat Plus | Candy Apple Red
1978 Greco LP Custom

One of the best/worst questions to ask an electric guitarist – "do you really need so many pedals?" Well I suppose the answer is "we need as many as we need". Pedals, like guitars, are tools, means to an end – which is to make music. So a guitarist needs the right tools for the job and sometimes you need more than just a spanner, or a hammer, or a nail. Sometimes you just need a toolbox with all the tools.

Electric Guitar (in order)

>WOBO Buffer/Booster
>Morley Power Wah Volume
>Boss PH-3
>MI Audio Tube Zone
>Keeley Compressor
>AMT Fatal Tube
>Tech21 Sansamp TRI-AC (replaced with Mesa V-Twin)
>VisualSound H20 / Boss DD-6
>Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
  >Korg DT-10
>Electro-Harmonix Pulsar
>Marshall EH-1



>Tech21 Bass Compactor
>Radial Tonebone
  >Ibanez SB7
  >EBS OctaBass
>Acoustic Image Clarus



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