What to consider when choosing a song list?

Hi all, Bob Kauflin has just posted about what he thinks about when he chose the song list for the NEXT conference. Could be a good guideline for when we choose our own song lists!

Conference theme 
Grounding our lives in the authority of God’s Word
The message topics

This probably is the most significant factor in determining where to put songs.
New songs we wanted to teach
These are songs that we want people to consider taking home with them because they’re so good. Usually no more than 3-5 a conference.
Songs the bands knew
Since each band has a limited repertoire I asked them to submit song they felt particularly good about leading.
Familiar songs
it’s occasionally helpful when people can sing a song they know by heart
Songs that bands had written
Some were new, some old.
Sovereign Grace songs
wanting to introduce non-Sovereign Grace folks (about 50% of the conference) to our music
Songs we wanted to present
We wanted to have a couple times when people were just listening, allowing the truth to sink in as they reflected on it.
Songs we had done in previous years
This provides continuity from year to year.
Time allotted for singing
It matters whether we have 28 or 45 minutes.
Songs Josh requested
Each year Josh Harris has a couple songs he’d like us to sing.

See his full post here:

 What Goes Into Putting a Conference Song List Together? - Worship Matters (Bob Kauflin)

How do you choose your song lists? 


~ by jonhyz on June 5, 2010.

One Response to “What to consider when choosing a song list?”

  1. Hi, Jon:
    I have read some of your stuff here. As of late, I tried finding your contact but I don’t think it’s available for public eye.
    Just trying to find someone I can dialog with in regards to the topic of worship.
    I wonder if you get notifications from the blog still…but at any rate, I hope you do. Can email me back! Thanks!!

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