Reading Out Loud – A High Calling

Hi all, and a blessed new year! I’ve just begun my first job (praise the Lord), and so have been very busy, so I thought I’d share something short, but poignant.

I was slightly surprised to discover that the position of “Worship Leader” in our traditional service used to be called “Lay Reader”. What we now look up to as a “high” calling – that is, to lead God’s people in worship, used to be a very humble, simple job.

To read.

To read out loud from the Word of God, the book of worship, book of prayers, to follow the musical instructions in the hymnal, and whatever else was planned by the pastor, or worship director (with the theological degree).

Just read.

Amazing isn’t it? What we call “worship leaders” in our contemporary services, we’re actually “song leaders” aren’t we? At least we used to be.

Are we really qualified to be “worship leaders”? Leave a comment.


~ by jonhyz on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Reading Out Loud – A High Calling”

  1. Good point about song leaders, since Worship is about so much more than music. The entire service, not to mention our lives,
    should be in an attitude of worship.

  2. Good point, indeed!

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