Bible Study on Worship

Hi all, as I mentioned, I’m conducting Bible Study on Worship this week. Here are a few posts which I feel give a good overview of what worship is:

Part VI – Defining Worship & the Worship Service
Here I try to distinguish what the BIG concept of “worship” is, as well as break it down into the “worship service”, and “worship songs”.

Good summary of the biblical definitions in the first segment.

A Biblical Theology of Worship by Dr. Simon Chan (TTC Lecturer)
This was a course I attended, where the lecturer went into both the Old Testament and New Testament basis for worship. This is the 3rd post in that series, where he brings it all together as a “biblical theology of worship”.

Good way of seeing biblical worship from a more modern perspective.

If you have time:

Part I – Definition of Worship in the OT & NT
Part II – Definition of Worship in the Church
Part III – Definitions by Experts on Worship
Part IV – Why it’s our fault Worship is all messed up
Part V – Differences between Individual and Corporate Worship

You can post your questions here! Leave a comment!


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