Bible Study on Worship

Hi all, I’m going to be conducting a bible study next week on “biblical worship”, and some of the ways in which we can conduct worship in a cell/small group. So I’ve been thinking through everything I’ve written on this blog and try to apply it to a cell.

IMG_4866 (Medium)

In many ways, the early church most closely resembled a cell group setting. However, we don’t always conduct communion, or have time for prayer & word & fellowship in the 2 hours or so that we meet.

So how do we properly “worship God” in a cell setting?

I’ve learnt in writing this blog that worship is defined as a:

So I’ll be sharing about how best during cell “worship”, we can best lead our fellow cell members to engage with God, and respond appropriately, according to God’s word.

What are the ways you worship in your cell group? Leave a Comment!


~ by jonhyz on October 9, 2009.

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