A Service Format – Proposal 0.1 beta

Hi all! Those of us in the committee to plan the the upcoming/possible/in-the-works young adults service have come up with a service format which we think incorporates the elements of 1) participation, 2) relevance, & 3) community.

The service is also based on biblical liturgical principles emphasising the Church as the living, breathing Body of Christ, which we hope will create a place where Young Adults will feel a part of, and be blessed by.

We’d like to hear your feedback on it! (all comments welcome!)

Proposed format

Pre-service fellowship

  1. Opening prayer/scripture reading/song of preparation
  2. Praise songs
  3. Scripture Reading
  4. Sermon (sermon discussion, if applicable)
  5. Song of response/Prayer/Ministry time
  6. Offering – Doxology
  7. Announcements and sharing of Church concerns
  8. Community time
    1. Small group sharing/report
    2. Testimony/Sharing of prayer requests
  9. Corporate prayer/prayer song
  10. Communion (once a month)
  11. Closing song
  12. Benediction

Post-service fellowship

Note that the placement of the announcements allows for a seamless transition from
“worship” to the sermon, maintaining the focus and the mood, while allowing time for the activities of the church to be shared with all.

Also, a dedicated “community” segment consisting of sharing, testimony and prayer will help the church to be more aware of each other and foster a sense of community.

We’d of course refine it to see what works best, SO – What do you think ? Leave a comment!

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~ by jonhyz on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Service Format – Proposal 0.1 beta”

  1. Hello I think it’s interesting how the sermon is before offering this time round.. plus personally I like how #2 of point 8 would be like “verbal” now? I mean currently we read all these in the bulletin.. so it will be like sharing of praise reports and prayer reports now!

  2. This format is very acceptable, considering we currently have “14”elements of liturgy even before we get to the sermon. A change of format will be suggested with the purpose of reducing the long used traditional elements of worship and to encourage a more spirited worship.

    Thank you.

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