a dash of nutmag! :: the ‘Worship’ songs we sing. :: May :: 2009

Hi all! I’m back to blogging after my exams and recuperating from knee surgery (partial menisectomy). It’s been a good time of rest after a busy semester in school.

Before I carry on with Dr Simon’ Chan’s series, I’d like to share a post by my friend Mag who’s also attending the same course. I missed this particular session (about the song selection) due to my surgery so thanks to Mag for her post.

She reflects on the songs that we sing today in church:

Worshipping TOGETHER as a body of Christ is not a corporate gathering of individual experiences of worship, but building up of the CHURCH itself (Gordon Fee).

[Life-transforming Worship]

The question I always ask myself as a worship team member is:
When people leave a ‘worship’ service, will they be more in awe of WHO God is, how good & Holy He is? Have we encountered God? Have we been transformed? Or, will they just feel better about themselves, or feel that the worship team did a great job in moving them? When we truly encounter God, will we feel good about ourselves?? I don’t think so. Like in Isaiah [6] we’ll be so ashamed of ourselves saying ‘WOE TO ME! I am a man of unclean lips!’

Full Post: a dash of nutmag! :: the ‘Worship’ songs we sing. :: May :: 2009

Salient points to ponder. I think it always comes down to – what are we trying to achieve with our Sunday services? Attract new believers? Worship? Leave a comment.

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