Redefining Church…

Thanks for the suggestions in the last post! Please keep the suggestions coming! Busy period now in school so I’ll continue writing on worship once I can squeeze in time.

tn_IMG_3957You know, I’ve been thinking about what Anonymous said in his comments a while back. I can understand where he is coming from and his views are not unique.

A growing dissatisfaction with what ‘church’ has become has led to the emerging church movement in the US and elsewhere, and I think its going to happen in Singapore.

Why? Well, the emerging church arose around the question, “where are the 18-35 year olds?” That was about 10 years ago. Now we are asking the same questions in the Methodist Church. Writing on the wall?

The New Testament models of church revolve around small groups and gatherings and I can really see why we need that in our Christian walk. As to whether that model is the only true way to conduct “church”, I can’t say as yet because I haven’t looked deeply into it. Perhaps I’ll make it another series on this blog.

I think its clear that we have to re-think “worship”. But what does that mean? Does that mean we reject everything we do now? Should we revert to traditional church services? Try to do it “blended”? Dismantle the church and break up into house churches?

SO, as we continue to redefine and refine “worship”, maybe, just maybe, we’re going to have to think about re-defining “church” as well. Watch this space.

Check out these two videos on the emerging church (shared in my Twitter Feed).


~ by jonhyz on March 17, 2009.

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  2. 3) usar a api do twitter e as funcionalidades para melhorar a usabilidade #intercon2011

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