Listening time…

Hi readers, I’ve been blogging for a while now (about 2 months) and I know that there are regular readers of the blog. Of course, this blog would be meaningless if not for people like you reading and commenting on the site, so thank you for your readership!

Now’s YOUR chance to give some feedback and help me make this blog a better place!

Here’s 2 things that I need feedback on:

  1. What specific topics about worship would you like to know about?
  2. How can I improve your experience on this blog?

So let me know your thoughts and Leave a Comment! Thanks!


~ by jonhyz on March 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “Listening time…”

  1. there’s been a suggestion to explore the role of a worship leader, and Andrew has asked for more exploration on OT principles =)

  2. maybe the appropriateness of other forms of worship… e.g.: dancing/ break dancing/ every other wacky thing that we might see at some services and cringe at it… is there room for us to be open to these “forms of worship”?

    and also, i found out that the traditional service structure of congregational worship is very clear and very complete/ well thought out. what are some things we can learn from a traditional service? importance of tradition/liturgy.

  3. hey jon we’ll soon be attending the TTC thingy, i’m surey ou can post stuffon it!

  4. @ian: yup – worship arts. i wish the church could be the cultural leader in creativity and innovation in all areas of life. just as it was for knowledge & science in the past.

    @mag: looking forward to the course! ian says the lecturer is very open to taking questions =) should be interesting!

  5. I was thinking of hearing out what are some of the common pitfalls for Worship leaders and also some of the struggles that leaders who lead the congregation in a time of worship.

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