Where I Stand on ‘Worship’ + 1 Book + 1 Link

Currently where I stand on the issue of Worship is that Worship can be, and must be,  understood in 3 main concepts:

  1. The biblical concept of ‘Worship’
  2. The ‘Worship Service’
  3. ‘Worship Music’

A proper and separate understanding of all 3 are necessary in order for us to be effective worship teams/leaders. By understanding each concept, we can then understand how ‘Worship  Music’ contributes to the edification of the Body of Christ through the ‘Worship Service’ which contributes to the learning and practice of the biblical concept of ‘Worship’.

I’ll be exploring the concept of the “Worship Service” a bit further.

In other news, my copy of Engaging with God by David Peterson has arrived via mail-order courtesy of my sister! Exciting.. of all the books on worship, this is probably one of the must-read must-reads. No doubt it’ll cover much of what we’ve talked about on the blog, but in much greater detail and depth. Will post as I go through the book.

If you’re new to the blog do check out the introductory posts on Worship:

Part I – Definition of Worship in the OT & NT
Part II – Definition of Worship in the Church
Part III – Definitions by Experts on Worship
Part IV – Why it’s our fault Worship is all messed up
Part V – Differences between Individual and Corporate Worship
Part VI – Defining Worship & the Worship Service (Meeting with Pastors)

Capture3lecturesonworshipAlso, I came across this blog post which has links to many lectures and articles on worship. It’s pretty comprehensive and worth a look:

Between Two Worlds: Lectures on Worship





~ by jonhyz on March 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “Where I Stand on ‘Worship’ + 1 Book + 1 Link”

  1. Hey Jon,

    Finally got round to commenting… lol.

    Anyway, good break down on the concept of worship. Why dont you do a blog post on old testament worship? I think its quite a good subject to explore. I think there are a lot of parallels we can draw to today’s worship.

    • Old Testament… so far what I’ve read and discussed points to the fact that Jesus has fulfilled the requirements for Old Testament worship, BUT taking into account that He was the Atoning Sacrifice, OTHER sacrifices are still needed.

      e.g. Sacrifice of our lives (Rom 12:1-2), Sacrifice of praise (Heb 13:15)

      So essentially what God demands of our worship is the same, just that it has taken on a different form with new meaning. We still need to offer sacrifices.

      Otherwise, the traditional worship services are based around Isaiah 6, which we assume the “typical” experience when in the presence of God.

      • “BUT taking into account that He was the Atoning Sacrifice, OTHER sacrifices are still needed.”

        not sure if i agree with that statement jon… why are other sacrifices still needed?

  2. Ok nevermind what i just posted… i just got what you were trying to say… more of our sacrificial response rather than implying that Jesus’ sacrifice was not enough…

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