Sharing Links on Corporate Worship

Hi all I’d like to share a couple of links with you that I think you’ll find very interesting.

Don Carson on Corporate Worship – Is The Church A House of Worship?

“…Having said all that, however, we have to be careful not to go too far. Howard Marshall argues that what we do in church is not to come together to worship (since worship is what we do in all our lives), but to be instructed. David Peterson says that we come together to edify one another…”

Howard Marshall – How Far Did the Early Christians Worship God?

“…One of the most puzzling features of Paul’s understanding of ekklesia (church) for his contemporaries, whether Jews or Gentiles, must have been his failure to say that a person went to church primarily to ‘worship’. Not once in all his writings does he suggest that this is the case. Indeed it could not be, for he held a view of ‘worship’ that prevented him from doing so…”

Dan Rogers – In Search of An Acceptable Christian Corporate Worship
(views from the [reformed] Worldwide Church of God)

“…(Paul’s view is that) Even prayer and praise must be conducted in a way that edifies the congregation. Worship that results in only private, personal edification is not to be done when others are present in corporate worship. Those who attend worship services solely for the value the service may have on their own personal spiritual growth need to recover Paul’s perspective…”

If you don’t have time to read all the articles I suggest reading one article in depth instead of skimming all of them so that we understand the thought processes better.

I’ll put out a link feed via Twitter, so once people start following I’ll share links there =)

I’ll leave you with an interesting article about a U2 Tribute Church (???)

Jason Byassee – Worship A The U2Charist

“…A church service called the U2charist would seem like liberal Protestantism at its worst: take music from a band that was cutting-edge over two decades ago, sprinkle some religiosity on top and try to reach hip younger people. I went expecting the worst…”

Feel free to add your own links here!


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