What’s Post-Watchnight About?

I’m going to interrupt our etymological exploration of worship for a bit, because something happened – the new year! …and Post-Watchnight 08/09.


Event: Post-Watchnight 08/09
Time: 1st January 2009, 12:15am
Theme: The Year Belongs to the Lord

The first hour of the year is dedicated to singing God’s praises and declaring loudly with our mouths and hearts the GLORY of the Risen Lord

[Pic] The Cross of Christ is the focus.. with just enough light to allow the congregation to follow the lead of the song leaders (photo by J. Balota)

Several people in the band asked me – what’s Post-Watchnight about? Shouldn’t it be more than just singing songs and making a loud noise? You know… like worship?

Well.. you see, I think of worship as a very very broad category, which can be defined many ways, as you can see here and here. However, I think that worship music can sometimes serve very specific (and sometimes narrow) purposes because music in itself is a very pointed, powerful, and spiritual tool.

Worship Music is music that facilitates Christians in their “worship” of God. So in that sense, it is a tool – music has to be mastered, and skilfully executed to serve it’s purpose. In itself, it is not “worship”, but it facilitates aspects of worship. So you can use it (like a tool) in the best way that fits the situation.

So I think, in a nutshell, Post-Watchnight is a special event which uses (mostly) music to allow the church (the Youth especially) to sing loudly about what they believe in, to praise God in shouts of praise at the start of the new year. Like a proclamation! The act of declaring something loudly with your mouth in a community will help people to internalise the words of the song – when they hear themselves, and their peers declaring loudly the Glory of God.

Worship isn’t always about making a lot of noise, and certainly worship music can be used to facilitate quiet meditation. But I don’t think that every single “worship set” has to facilitate every single aspect of worship every time.

Do you? Leave a comment!



~ by jonhyz on January 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “What’s Post-Watchnight About?”

  1. While you placed emphasis on ‘youths’ here. you might want to note that, i heard feedback from some who sat on the right side (from stage view), that those adults there were still happy to be there and clapping away tho they didn’t know any song!

  2. Yeah i noticed! P&P has slowly been evolving… in service style and trying consciously to introduce newer songs as well! i suppose being in the same society, adults and youths are exposed to the same kinds of media/entertainment/music and can appreciate a more diverse style of church

  3. Of course.. they were very much entertained… who doesn’t clap at a concert?

  4. yea i agree with mag. i did notice the adults nearer the keyboard side (naturally ha ha) and was in a way quite surprised and glad to see them responding. they seemed quite joyous!

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